2016 – It has been a pleasure!


… and a pretty tough roller coaster ride too!


Just like everybody does, I decided to go with the crowd too and review my 2016 with you. This year has been quite challenging, to be honest. It has been tough, terrifying, exciting and wonderful. There have been many many downs, losses and struggles – I’ve had some of my lowest lows. Nonetheless this year has also fulfilled me with some of my highest highs, joy and special friendships – a real rollercoaster ride I would say so!
This year has also been a year of learning. I’ve learnt from my mistakes, I’ve learnt who real friends are and most importantly, I’ve learnt about my self. Slowly but surely I’m finding out who I actually am and where I belong to, on this big mad planet of ours. Speaking of mad, who would have thought that Trump is really going to make is joke come true and I’ve still never seen anybody particularly thrilled about GB deciding for Brexit. As I said – mad. But perhaps starting off with my 2016 wouldn’t be a bad idea, or I doubt that I will ever finish this (I can tell already) never-ending blog post.


The first 2 days of 2016 were pretty good. My brother and I got our mom a really cool Christmas present, which was a family photos hooting at „Press The Button“. After taking many fun and weird (we are a very weird family, without a doubt) we went out for sushi and in the evening I went to celebrate my friends birthday in the city.

Little did I know, that this night would change everything… When walking home (it was a five minute walk) I didn’t notice that a guy was following me ever since I was in the disco and without even continuing to type, I think you can imagine what happened next. With kicking, biting and most importantly screaming I saved myself from being a victim of a rape. And although he didn’t get exactly what he wanted, he hurt me like nobody else has ever done before. Ever since this happened, I am in fear. Yes, it has improved massively and I am able to walk outside in the dark again, but the thoughts are still here. The tension in my body is always here as soon as I leave the house by myself. But I can cope now and let’s also not forget – I won the battle!
I know, publishing something like this online is not everybodys cup of tea, but I find it important to raise awareness. We have to be so much more careful – even if its just a five minute walk back home!
I used to have a different blog (which is not online anymore) which I used to write down my thoughts and feelings, as I always loved typing out my emotions.. and I’m thinking of publishing the post I wrote about that incident on here.. would you be interested? let me know!


After being unable to leave the house by myself, with out an anxiety attack and being petrified of every male human being, I started improving with the help of the living community (yes, I lived in a living community at that time). It took me weeks, yet I managed to overcome most of my post-traumatic stress disorder with all the support I got. A huge thank you again to everybody, who has helped me through this rough time!


It’s finally starting to go uphill again (If we ignore that fact that I had an arm cast for over 2 weeks because of my really bad tendonitis = Sehnenscheidenentzündung) 🙂 Lichtpoesie invited me over to Germany for a photo shoot and hell yes did I take that chance. So with a friend I spent the Easter Holidays in Germany – Münster and then Hamburg to be precise and it was great! I also turned 20 during my stay, which was also good because I don’t really like all this attention at home when it’s your Birthday 😀


Have I mentioned yet, that all this time I was doing in internship at hospitals to see if nursing would be my kind of future job? Well, I enjoyed it a lot and I always knew that I wanted to do something where I work with people and help them. In the month of pril my internship was in a home for elderly people and I loved it! Fun Fact about me: I think old people are ridiculously cute, even if they’re angry (which sometimes makes them even more angry, because they don’t feel like I take them serious, oouupps)! haha


Although I would find great fun in nursing – no matter what age group, I secretly always knew, that this isn’t it. I’ve been dreaming of doing medicine for quite a while now and this is what I want to do. As we all know, we need our a-levels in order to go to uni, so instead of going to a nursing school, I decided to get my a-levels done… abroad! Yes, I decided on going to England, work as an AuPair while I get my A-Levels done online. It was a great plan and every body said something like „Now that’s more like Laura May. We all know you need adventure“
Basically everybody except me knew from the start on, that I wasn’t going to do nursing anyway 😀

In May I also had a week off, and because I missed my Irish family so much, I spontaneously booked a flight to surprise them. It was a surprise indeed! 🙂

My love to blogging has increased a lot during that time and I also started getting my first collaboration requests (I think it was skinny coffee club, if I remember right) aaaannnnd last but not least… drum roll…. I met my woman crush Caro Daur at the Zalando event in Vienna! She is such a lovely person and the work-out we did with her smashed us. I also met one of my now close friends Mara there. I must tell you – it was love at first sight and just a few days after the event we met up for some coffee already!

Almost forgot to mention: I got a phone call at the beginning of May. The guy who attacked me in January was caught! Can you believe how relieved I was? I felt like the happiest person on earth after that phone conversation 🙂


My last month in Austria. Especially this month went by too fast and unfortunately the rollercoaster has started to go back down hill again..


Besides an amazing wedding, building up new friendships and finishing my internship, it was time to say goodbye to the living community. After 1,5 years in this huuggee apartment with the funniest people ever, who took over a big place in my heart, it was time to pack up my stuff. Those people have helped me through so much, they have given me all the support in every decision I have ever made and they always accepted me for who I was. I miss them every day. Nonetheless I know it was time to leave this apartment and start a new adventure in England, so I left with a sad tear, because I had to leave and a happy tear, because I ‚m grateful for all those lovely memories!

And as if this was not enough yet, my grandpa got terribly ill. It broke my heart when I knew that I was saying goodbye for the very last time.


First of July – first day of work. Being an Au Pair was great fun and the little (very demanding) kid was pretty damn smart for her age. I loved hanging out with this little munchkin.

Another really really good part of England was finally being reunited with my best friend Carina. She has been an Au Pair in England for a year already and now… well now she’s living in London with her boyfriend while studying online – lucky girl, right?!

Just a few days after I left Austria a phone call has turned this adventure into a journey of grief. My mom called me telling me my grandpa had passed away and it felt like my heart broke into 1000 pieces. I knew this phone call could come anytime soon, but the minute it rang, I was devastated (to say it in a mild way).

Susanna, who now turns out to be one of my very best friends came over to London that day and turned my days of grief into adventure and fun. I honestly don’t know how I would’ve coped if Susanna wasn’t there to keep my mind of… I would’ve fallen down a dark rabbit hole with no one to catch me, as I was all by myself over there. So here’s a big applause to a girl, who has a heart made out of gold!

The funny thing is, we didn’t even know each other that well before she came over to visit me 😀 I mean yeah, we were kinda friends, but not real friends friends if you get what I’m saying, haha. But it didn’t even take a second to realize, that we felt like we’ve known each other forever and that this trip to London of hers was surely no mistake. On the contrary. Susanna, she’s truly a friend I’ll treasure forever! Plus, our pictures also turn out super cute :p


When arriving back to London after my granddads funeral in Austria, I was seriously unhappy. I’m that kind of person who is never home sick ( I spent 6 months abroad in Arizona and didn’t even want to leave) and this time I cried every day, because I just wanted to go home. Through my grandfather passing away and missing the living community so much, I clearly wasn’t ready to go abroad just yet. Thankfully the family I worked for was very understanding and I was able to go back home to Austria after spending the summer in Ireland with my father.


S for September and Schoool start. Yep, my mom convinced me to go back to my old school and get my A-Levels (which I would’ve done anyway, no matter where) done. In this month I was getting into running again and also took good care of myself nutrition wise. I ate as plant based as possible and it did my body so good! I remember feeling so much more energized and not as bloated as usually. Sadly, as soon as the stress started again, my cravings for eating junk food also appeared (I’m definitely going to work on that from 2017 on.. so I have at least one resolution). Other than that time went by pretty fast and I mainly concentrated on school, my blog and running.


My biggest high light that month (after getting my very first own car .. I named her Shelly) was certainly my night in Vienna with Mara at the 25hours Hotel (click here to read my post about that little trip). Other than that October went by quite fast as I was mainly doing school work. Sadly I was also ill very often from October on. I don’t know why, but as soon as I reach a stressful time, my body (especially my stomach) goes viral. I spent many days in bed sick due to stomach problems and I had to see the doctor quite often.



Prom alert #2. Who says you can only have one graduation prom in your life? Not. I had two 😀 And I musst tell you, number 2 was so much more fun. I enjoyed myself a lot, especially because my dearest Carina came over from London.

Prom was over and school stress started immediately. So, no life for Laura May this month. The only fun thing I did, other than my prom, was Susannas birthday party. With lots of food involved and a few glasses of wine I had a great laugh with everybody. Plus, I finally got to meet Stefanie, Jules, Valentina and Joey – they are all such sweet peas!


STRESSSSSSS – that’s all what I have to say.
Okay, no. But I did have a lot of stress indeed! Before coming to Ireland for Christmas, I had a couple of really fun photo shootings with Peter Scherb. He has so much talent, you should definitely check him out! I also finally got my lash extensions, which I’ve been dying to get for ages now. And Christmas? Well, Christmas was happily spent in Ireland with my very much loved family. I enjoy coming home for Christmas (hehe get it? coming home for Christmas? :D.. okay not funny, I know) every time to bits and I always dread going back home to Austria. Yet I still enjoy Christmas in Austria too. You see, every second year I fly to Ireland to celebrate with my father (and the rest of the family) here. Just to avoid any confusions ;D


Okay, this was it. My entire review of 2016. If you read all of this you are awesome and deserve a big fat medal! This was a hell of a long year, but it was a great one. What was your highlight of 2016? Let me know in the comments 🙂

HAPPY NEW YEAR, I’m so glad to have you here!

xxx, Laura May

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  1. Hallöchen, liebste Laura May!

    Da wir uns kaum sehen und ich auch nicht viel von anderen über dich erfahre, verfolge ich schon von Anfang an, ganz gespannt deinen Blog mit Freude und Stolz.

    Man könnte schon sagen, ich wär deine Stalkerin 😉

    Jetzt, wo dieses Jahr in einigen Stunden enden wird, wollt ich mich trotzdem mal melden und dir mitteilen, dass ich wahnsinnig Stolz bin, auf das, was du bisher geleistet hast… wie sehr du dich entwickeln bzw. verändern konntest und wie selbstbewusst du geworden bist.

    Trotzdem sollst du dich dann auch nicht zuviel stressen mit allem, geh alles gechillt und ganz entspannt an^^

    Bleib genauso, wie du bist.
    So sehr wie ich dich auch vermisse, genauso viel wünsche ich dir Alles Liebe, Glück und vor allem neugewonnene Stärke fürs neue Jahr.

    Hoffe, wir sehen uns bald wieder 🙂

    Liebste Grüße,
    Deine Dahlia

    1. Ohhh Dahlia, wie schön es ist von dir zu lesen 🙂
      Ich freue mich totaaaal über deine super süße Nachricht und hoffe natürlich, dass es auch dir gut geht! Meld dich doch mal, wenn du eh so super im stalken bist 😉 hehe

      Ich bin eh öfter in Linz – da schaffen wir es zu 100% mal auf einen Kaffeeklatsch :*
      In diesem Sinne schicke ich dir ganz viel Liebe,
      Laura May

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