2017 – new goals and resolutions? You tell me.


We have 2017 now! (Just thought I’d remind you..)

Hello there, my sweet little pea!

I’m feeling it. I’m surrounded by the sent of enthusiasm, positive vibes and a cup of really good coffee. Well, okay… not really. I’m sitting on a stuffy and very narrow airplane right now waiting to land, as I’m flying back to Austria and it only smells like really good coffee here, because I spilt my Starbucks cappuccino all over myself earlier on. So much to that. But what I’m trying to say is, that I’m having a really good day. You too? 🙂

Christmas has now come and passed – we know what this calls for, roll on New Year!
I’m feeling slightly puzzled into how I feel about this whole „new year – new me“ drama. It’s this time of the year, where the main thing I get to read about is ones past year and ones resolutions for 2017.  Okay, I myself published my own little (actually very long) throwback of the year 2016, but to be perfectly honest I’m not really a big fan of this whole malarkey and for me it’s not about making resolutions.

But then again I’m clearly one of those cheesy people, who dives all and full on into the spirit. As much as I love the Christmas time, the spirit and festiveness, I always feel before you know it you are already transporting into the “New Year feel”. It’s just as wonderful, yet feels so different, don’t you think?

Thanks to January first, we experience every human being transforming into some inspirational alien claiming they’re going to “change” or “have a new start”. Then within 2 weeks of their „new me“ they’re back to there old ways, like the whole New Year period hadn’t even been witnessed.
Of course I myself have had all kinds of stereotypical resolutions too, such as getting better grades, saving up my money, keeping my room tidy and so on. I don’t know about you, but I eventually ended up spending all my money on new clothes and being too lazy to put them neatly in my closet, so they just got added to the already existing pile of clothing on the floor.

Another concept of the whole “New start/resolutions” thing, which puts a grin on my face every time, is that people feel the need to set new goals or make new resolutions at this specific time. If there is something you really want, you really need and your positive about you’ll be willing it to start it at the very moment. There is no need to wait for January first to start a new habit or to quit something which perhaps is rather bad for you. Why wait for the hand on the clock to hit 12 for your “New Start” when you can do it right now at this very moment.

Now here I sit. In this terribly uncomfortable chair with a man snoring his head off beside me, and a kid in front of me going absolutely nuts and me? I’m looking forward to the future and planning my 2017. I was going to write a post outlining all of my resolutions for the new year but, I figured „exercise more“, „do better in school“ and „eat less junk“ wouldn’t be particularly thrilling to read.

However, despite my more or less hatred to this whole „new year – new start“ chitchat, I would like to share my surprisingly realistic plans (I’m intentionally not calling them goals ha-ha) and what kind of things are awaiting me throughout my journey of 2017, with you. Would that be okay? Good, so here you go 🙂

My own apartment

Although I have moved out before and lived in a living community for one and a half years I’m finally getting my own apartment!!!!
Well, by now – as this post is being published rather late – I’m in it already and I must tell you, Laura May is veerryyyy happy!!!! I’m pretty sure, there will be a blogpost coming about my interior and how I transformed this (sorry) ugly little one-room-apartment into a really fancy looking apartment. I can’t wait to show you 🙂 I think this will be a real challenge, as I’m sure it will be a bit tough financially. As I am still a student and living on my own while having a ridiculous little amount of income, there might be coming up some saving tips on my blog too 😉

A-Levels Alert

Yes, it’s time. It’s time to finally do my A-Levels (leaving cert/graduation/ what ever you call in it your country). After taking one year off, due to health issues, I’m gad to be back at school. Nonetheless I’m freaking out too as Maths, Accountancy and Spanish are definitley not my very best subjects. But then again I have no troubles in English and my research paper (diplomarbeit) is about blogging, so this will take a lot of strains off my shoulders. Are you doing your leaving this year? let me know how you’re doing 🙂

Plant based

I mentioned before, that I felt a lot better in myself when eating a more plant based diet and that’s what I’m going to do from now on again. I just feel so much more energized and less bloated when avoiding animal products. You can read more about this topic here. I’m not going vegan – no. But I will strive to be as vegan as possible and also avoid too many soy products. All in all balance, as we know, is the key indeed.


Half Marathon

This year I want to run 20 km at the city marathon in Vienna. Perhaps, also in Linz and just join in on other runs. The past months I’ve been really getting into running. I’m a lot more faster, better and oh well.. I simply love it. It’s not just about being active here and being fit. It’s also a great way to cope with stress, especially when being in your final school year you need some way to balance it out with all the hours sitting at your desk. So, Vienna I’m coming!


Get into medicine

I think this may or may not be the most demanding challenge ever. Getting in to medschool seems to me impossible, yet I want it. This is something massive, which I completely fear. And this is why I’m looking forward to facing this challenge and proving myself that I can do this. If you really want something, you can do it! And if I don’t get in… well yes, I will be very upset, but life goes on. I’ll try again next year and who knows, maybe I found something which I enjoy even more 🙂


Be more open minded

This clings on to the last one. – I might find something I enjoy even more and I should be feeling good with that. I want to learn to accept things that happen, which I didn’t plan. I’m a control-freak, I always want to know everything. What’s going to happen, when is it going to happen und how (including every yet so silly detail) it is going to happen. I know, that’s who I am and I can’t and thankfully I don’t want to change who I am. But then again I find myself get stuck in situations, because I can’t adjust to spontaneous actions. Sooo what I’m trying to say is, that I want to take life more easy and just see what happens instead of planning weeks ahead. I want to live in the here and now instead of the future or even worse dwell in the past.


So, here is to another year. Who knows maybe I’ll change half way through the year, or make some great discovery. I vow to a new day, not a new year. If something bothers you – act now, because you don’t have the time to wait for 2018.

That’s it for now. It is my pleasure having you, whoever you may be, reading my very first blog post in the year of twothousandandseventeen. I hope I wasn’t too boring and I will soon have you here again. 

Have a good start into the year of 2017 you beautifully wonderful specimen 

Laura May

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  1. Wunderschöner blogpost!!! Ich bin schon super gespannt auf deinen Wohnungsblog! Vor allem weil ich selbst auch bald ausziehe (in eine kleine 1-Zimmer-Wohnung) ich drück dir ganz fest die Daumen dass dieses Jahr toll wird und schick dir all die Kraft, die du für die stressigen Zeiten brauchst :*

    1. oh das freut mich aber – tausend dank! 🙂
      Ich bin auch in einer Einzimmerwohnung, also optimal! 😉 wünsche dir in diesem Sinne einen einwandfreien Umzug und viel spaß in der neuen Wohung! lg Laura May

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