April weather


In what ever country you may be, I think it would be interesting to know that the Austrian weather is an actual joke. One day it’s super sunny and warm – then the other day there are suddenly snowflakes to see falling down the cold sky. Seriously?!

Anyway, on one of our lucky April days, my Zalando package arrived. Happily I put on my new blouse and shoes straight away and obviously I must show you now 🙂


At first, I must admit, I thouht that I might just look pregnant in this blouse. But well all know Laura – I love getting creative and making something kinda special out of it, so that’s what I did 🙂


As you can see, although I kept the outfit quite simple it still doesn’t look boring anymore. All you need is details and eeewuala you’re ready to go!


My bohemian jewelry (which I bought about a year ago at F21)  with the shoes I chose to wear and the skinny jeans wrapped up to my ancle to make it look a bit more easy-going, was a great combo in my eyes. Also with the details on the blouse it self – it all was a perfect match.

Blouse – Top Shop

Jeans – Holister

Shoes – Mint&Berry



I wish you a lovely evening, morning, day or what ever it may be my dear reader 🙂
xx Laura May

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