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Good evening my fellow readers.
This morning I sat down basically wanting to write something like a „sunday morning chit chat“ post, hence the breakfast pics. Unfortunately my MacBook isn’t the fastest anymore, so plans changed a little. Yet here I sit and wish you the best of luck reading this immense post! 🙂

Many people might be thinking „what the heck does she mean with school anxiety?!“ Another big part of you may say „welcome in the club – I feel you“.

A lot of people, especially who know me personally quite well, know that I suffered from anxiety in a dreadful way. It was so bad, that it even made me quit school last year. I was simply petrified of everything and everybody what had to do with school. Panic attacks, bruises on my body from my cramps, lack of sleep and many many more struggles were my daily companion. Name it and I assure you, I had it all. Oh it was a pure night mare.


Now taking a year off, was for sure the best decision I have ever made. And in that year I worked. I worked very hard on my skills. On overcoming fears and finding my way back on the right path.
I never thought that I would say that, but I’m actually really looking forward to going back to school. I will proof everybody including (and especially) myself that I can do this!


I thought why not share my coping strategies with others in need?
So here you go. Here are my best ways on overcoming my school anxiety 🙂

Nothing is going to happen – it’s all a mind thing!

If you’re as scared as I used to be, make yourself as aware as possible, that nothing and nobody can hurt you, unless you let them. It’s all a mind thing, you know. Every time I was worried about a stupid grade, no matter what kind of subject it was, my doctor said very strictly to me „Im Leben kommt nichts dabei raus!“ which means that in 20 years, you wont really give a shit what kind of grade you had on you spanish repasso of unit 4. Yet if you let those little things kill you, it definitely will impact your life in 20 years. How? Firstly, you will be upset that instead of living in the moment and having fun in those young teenage years you made yourself go nuts for a silly little incident. Secondly, you might always stay in this cycle of being scared and yet a perfectionist.. you’ll might end up missing out on the fun in life you know.
When it comes to being afraid of the people, don’t forget that you all have the same goal – graduation! The teachers are here to help, and if they may seem very strict or harsh, then that’s just the way they are. learn to not take those kind of things personally. And the students?  Be a team! Dont see it as a competition, see this as a way to work together and achieve your goals with each others help.
SO! Get those negative thoughts away. stop dwelling in your own negativity, even if it means that you have to pull yourself together.
Did you know that letting all this negativity in, increases anxiety in general and produces higher stress levels?


Set yourself goals!

Make plans on what you want to achieve for the ahead. Focus on the good things like making new friends or improving you math skills (haha, I know, that was a good one ;D)
Find something to look forward to and which will make you happy when you can yell „SCORE MAN“

Take good care of yourself

Many people underestimate how important it is to life a healthy lifestyle especially in stressful periods. Try not to skip a meal, even if it means getting up 10 minutes earlier as you usually don’t eat Breakfast. Drink drink drink! And if you don’t like water, add some lemon or even frozen berries to make it taste better. I, for example always have a big glass jug on my desk, which leads me to drinking enough water during the day without me even having to think about it. DON’T cut out on carbs – your brain can only function from carbohydrates. And if your brain can’t funktion .. well that would be pretty bad..
Exercise, no matter what way. A couple of you might go for a walk with their dog every day and others need to go to the gym and sweat it all out. We all know that exercising produces happy hormones (also known as endorphins) which automatically reduces stress and tensions. And if you’re a little gym freak try to still get a little bit of fresh air and Vitamin D (SUN), we all tend to forget how much value the nature has
Last but not least SLEEPING ENOUGH is soooo important! During your sleep your body has time to recover from the past day. Wether it’s a healing process from a little wound or regenerating your muscles after working out. Also in school it is obviously so much easier to concentrate when feeling energized, but you will also notice an improvement in your work as your brain saves all the studies during your good night sleep. Plus – lack of sleep also produces stress hormones and anxiety. So sleep is our physical and also emotional saviour.


You kow you can do it!

Stop comparing yourself to others. Okay, this girl might be amazing in chemistry, yet you might be a whole lot more talented in languages. So don’t pull yourself down, just because you’re not as good as somebody else is. Everybody has his good and his bad sides.
And don’t forget that you tend to mess up if you tell yourself that you will. So instead of moaning around and telling yourself that you’re no good, take a deep breath, say I’m doing great and I’m doing the best I can! Sometimes the best you can do ia 98% and sometimes the best you can do is 55% – nonetheless, YOU CAN DO IT!

It’s okay to seek for help

I did it myself too! When things get so screwed up you might consider seeing a counselor, psychologist or a doctor for some help. And that’s perfectly fine. There is no reason to be ashamed of having somebody guide you in the right direction,as long as you try your best and work in a team with that certain person helping you. And you have no idea how great it is to have somebody who is always there. Sure, a friend, a parent or even a teacher might be there and try to help you, but sometimes a professional knows how to handle things a bit better and teach you skills, coping mechanisms and solve other problems which might have caused all this anxiety in the first place.



Okay, this was a pretty long post, but it was also pretty important to me. Oh boy, school is starting tomorrow 🙂
The last thing which I also want to mention is, that if I can do it – it’s a piece of cake for you!




Good night my dear, have a great start into this year and never forget to take good care of yourself!

xx Laura May

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