5 ways to get over a bad cold really fast!

Good Evening, how do you do?

The winter is coming and this also means that the flue is getting around and giving us a hard time too. Unfortunately I was a victim of a terrible cold already, hence I was quite inactive and ditches the blog posts the past days. BUT this was the first time I’ve gotten over a cold really fast. As many of you might suffer from a runny nose and a sore through too at this time of the year, I thought I might as well mention how I managed to get healthy this fast 🙂

Get enough sleep

I always hear that the most important thing is, to get enough sleep. And yes – this is very true. On Monday my mom picked me up earlier from school, as I felt so ill and the minute I got home I went to bed. I think, I must have slept about 5 hours straight and I didn’t even wake up when my mom came in my room to check on me (she can be very loud haha). But you know what? I felt so much better after that super long nap. After going to bed very early again I slept until about 11.30 am the next day. See, you’re body only recovers while you sleep – it’s simply necessary!


stay hydrated

Tea was on my bedside table day and night and I drank at least 3 litres a day. Yes, I had to a pee a lot, but that was definitely worth it 😀



nourish your body

Not only drinking, but also eating is very important to recover fast. I remember not eating properly for days, when being sick, but you body needs fuel! So even if you don’t feel like anything, or maybe you can’t taste food anyway, which makes you not being to keen on a proper meal, get over yourself. If you don’t give your body the nutrients it needs, believe me, it will not make you feel any better, stronger or any thing else. On the contrary, without any fuel you will feel even more tired and weak.



keep it easy

Although sleep is very important, it is also essential to take it easy when you are awake. Stay warm and inside while doing nothing but watching your favourite movie or reading a good ol‘ book. Please don’t even think about running errands or cleaning the house or anything like that (i think you get what I mean 😉 ) just relax and take your time to get back on your feet and give your cat a cuddle.



Neocitran – my wonder drink

I’m not too big on taking a ton of medication! But Neocitran is a must. This lemon drink, which also makes it hard to stay awake ( :p), but also makes you feel 1000 times better. There are no more words needed that this is my wonder drink!



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  1. Dankeschön! 😀
    ich habe gerade einer dieser fiesen Erklätungen und ich werde diese Tipps jetzt auf jeden Fall ausprobieren!
    Und natürlich toller Post 🙂
    Liebe Grüße
    Nadine xoxo

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