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On Monday morning my stepmom and I went out for Breakfast. We chose my favourite place – the Happy Pear!

The café located in Greystones, Ireland offers a variety of healthy organic foods. It’s not just a café – I think it’s more or less a restaurant actually, yet there are not as many dishes as the menu changes daily (i think). Also, there is a little shop included which sells organic fruits and vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts and also some of their self made granola, spreads and other yummy things.




I fell in love with this little yet super cute store. Have a look yourself and see what they have on offer. I obviously couldn’t take a picture of all their stuff haha, but just so you can have an overview of what you can get there 🙂






Not to forget – the twins are selling their second cook book by now. I have both of them and I’d get their books every time again. They have a ton of vegetarian and also vegan meals from self made granola to a variety of main dishes.

Cafe & Restaurant

Shall I maybe tell you a bit more about the twins? Well, Stephen and David Flynn are the owners of The Happy Pear..

They love what they do and use their natural food store, wholefood cafes and evening restaurant, superfood sprout farm, own-label products, online shop, and health education talks and courses to inspire a healthier, happier world!







I’m in love with the lounges and from the outside you would never guess, that it’s so big in there! Luckily, if the weather is nice, you can also sit either outside at the front or at the back – what ever suits you best, they have everything on offer (in style)!


Last but not least here is my breakfast 🙂
I ordered this delicious bowl of porridge topped with berry-compote, granola, coconut milk, peanut butter and other yummy bits and bobs.
Of course I also ordered a soy cappuccino as coffee is a must especially for breaking the fast!


I hope you liked this post and you’ll check out the Happy Pear if you ever happen to come to Ireland some time – you won’t regret it, I promise 🙂

xxx Laura May

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