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A tiny bit of Laura May

Greetings fellow bloggers!

So, I guess, firstly I’ll start by saying what a privilege it is to meet you whoever you may be and fellow reader how wonderful it is that you have chosen to come along to my blog.

Currently I’m on a long journey and I assure you, this isn’t one, straight, happy road – but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It’s already been a terribly long way and to be perfectly honest I don’t think that my destination is anywhere nearby yet. However it’s my journey. Nevertheless and not knowing where the path may lead me is what inspires me to travel it. I’m on my way to finding myself and who I am on this mad planet of ours. I’m currently planning on moving to Vienna and also trying to figure out what my future shall look like one day a.k.a. finding my own little Neverland. Basically I’m on my journey of life.

Only now, when speaking of life I noticed that I haven’t even introduced myself properly. Oh dear. What a good „About Me“ page.

Anyway, here is my quick little introduction! 
I’m Laura May, which I guess you’ve already kinda figured out and I’m an 21 year old fashion, art and cats enthusiast who lives in Austria in a tiny, boring town with her mom oh and also has two dogs and one cat. But every now and then I like to visit my dad, stepmom and my two little siblings Ireland. 

If you do happen to know me, you will know how much I adore to write. I also love to run, and I’m a (some what) health and shopping freak.
I decide to create ‘findingnevrland’ as a form of expressing my thoughts, travels, fashion inspirations, photography, writing and the feeling of relating to the rest of the world. I hope you find yourself enjoying the journey.

So, that’s it for now. Now that awful, dreadful beginning is out of the way, I consider us friends, right? I hope I wasn’t too boring and I will soon have you here again.

Lots of love and jellytots. ♡