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Coming Home | Lifeupdate - FINDINGNEVRLAND

Coming Home | Lifeupdate

…tell the world that I’m coming home!

What’s going on with me?! Well let’s just say it like this – I’m young.
I’m learning day by day by living and finding out for myself what is right and what is wrong.

A silly example of mine would be that I once out of the blue thought I must dye my hair blond. Well. that one was a wrong decision, I tell you that for sure. Not that I didn’t like it, but it was rather unfortunate for the health of my hair. I damaged it just way too much to be precise 😉

Now a completely different case would be me moving to England for one month.. instead of one year…



See, these are things which I refused to try out, I would have never known if it was worth the hassle. If I would have never done it, I would have never found out what it’s like to either be blond or to live in London. The way I know me, I would’ve regretted not going as I would have thought “ Why didn’t I just do it? Who knows, maybe I would’ve enjoyed and loved every minute of it!“
However, I know that I did love it! But I didn’t love it as much as being with my family and friends.



So yeah guys… I’m back to school. Back to the old roots and doing my A-Levels in a class room instead of online.
I’m determined that it will work out this time. I’m looking forward to seeing my old teachers (and buying cute stationary … because cute ya know)And last but not least I’m somebody who actually almost liked going to school or learn something in any other way shape or form (except the last 2 years, but lets just not focus on that time, shall we 😉 )



I’ve told you many times before that I love adventures. I like finding out something new and if that means coming back and trying it out a different way, then that’s what I’ll do.
Many of you might think „what the heck is she up to know..“

Well I’m actually trying to find my Nevrland 🙂

xxx Laura May

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