Easy Sunday Morning Recipe

Hello sweet pea’s!

Porridge is one of my best friends. If it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner – I could eat it all day (okay, I admit, sometimes I really do eat it several times a day … but you know.. we’re talking about oats here.. my weakness..)
Obviously I rarely have breakfast in which oats aren’t included and oh, there are way too many recipes i could be sharing with you right now (my next recipe might be my beloved smoothie bowl in which I always add oats), but I also have a special recipe here which isn’t just for breakfast and it’s definitely not a regular bowl with porridge in it ..

So let’s start this off with *drum-roll* Porridge Bread


 Yeeees, you read right! I’ve made it so many times now and let me tell you, I’m in love with that bread now. Crusty on the outside and inside it’s soft, it’s filling and also incredibly yummy just made out of 3 ingredients. I obviously have no other choice but to share this simple yet wonderful recipe with you.

All you need is


  • approx 350g of porridge oats
  • 500 g yogurt
  • 1 tsp. bicarbonate sodadeutsch: natron

Some might also like 1,5 tsp. of salt in it and for the ones who might find this a little boring, and every now and then I also add some nuts, seeds or dried fruit 😉


Basically all you do is  preheat the oven and fling the ingredients together in a big bowl. Also, to avoid any kind of little bits of the bicarbonate soda in the bread I use a riddle screen.


After mixing the 3 main ingredients together you can add your extra flavour. This time I decided to use sunflower seeds as I love having some bits in the bread to make it a little more „crunchy“ 🙂


Now here comes the fun part. Use you hands to mash it all into one big lump…
I apologize for that expression, I can’t find any other expression for it, haha. I simply prefer doing it with my hands (after I washed them of course :p) as I can see how moist the mixture gets. Every now and then I notice, that it may needs some more oats, which is something I wouldn’t have noticed, if I used a big spoon. You get what I mean right? ;D


Put the finished loaf into the baking dish and leave in the oven for approx. 40 minutes.

There you go! Simple, right?


If you love any kind of oats as much as I do, I’d certainly give this a try!
And if you happen to do so or perhaps you might also have an other idea of what to add, don’t hesitate and message me or comment down below – I’d love to know 🙂

xxx Laura May


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