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Esprit Sport Wear

Esprinting towards the summer

That time of the year, where everybody is trying to get that summer body and focusing on this healthy lifestyle thing including sports.

we all know what I’m talking about right?

I admit, also I am trying to get back on track when in comes to running as summer, beach and the bikini season is just around the corner and honestly who doesn’t like to feel confident during that time?

What I do to motivate myself? Buy new work-out clothes duuuuh :p

This is a typical girl thing I guess – as soon as something comes along – it’s time to get a new outfit for that haha. And if it’s not a typical girl thing it certainly is a typical Laura May thing 😀

When searching for new items I came along to sports wear of Esprit and I sure as well had to share one outfit with you!


Not only did I chose bottom and top in black, I also decided on a grey sportsbra and a pink cardigan to add a little bit of colour (as I am usually more the all black everything person :p)

If youre interestend in the exact same products you can find the links to them below:

Leggings – here

Top – here

Bra – here

Cardigan – here

I generally only wear colour when it comes to sportswear as I prefer being dressed a bit brighter in the evenings so the cars can see me. What are your favourite colours to wear when going out for a run?

I’d also love to know if you’re struggling as much as I am – is your inner couchpotato as demanding as mine is lately ? 😛 I’m sure we can motivate us together to get back on track!

Have a lovely day, evening or what every time it is my dear reader.
All the best

Laura May



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