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Fashion - the world would be so boring without you! - FINDINGNEVRLAND

Fashion – the world would be so boring without you!

What are you wearing today?

I’m sitting in a sweet little café in the middle of Barcelona with a yellow T-Shirt on, which say’s „only the strong survive“, a pair of shorts and a bandana tied around my neck. Oh and wearing creame coloured Converse on my feet. Especially when walking through the streets of Barcelona I see a billion (if not more) inspirational people wearing some very unique pieces.
Just like I’m doing now, I love looking out the window and seeing all kinds of different people walking by, simply because I find it so faszinating as everybody makes something else out of their style. Imagine we would all dress ourself exactly alike… that would be pretty boring, right?

Imagine a world, where everyone wore the same items, bought the same clothes and combiened them with the same accessories. Liking the same, being the same and acting the same.. that sounds pretty uninteresting to me. It’s actually pretty common simply because we have our current „trends“, which we can either see as something good or something which restricts us into being either „in“ or „out“.

What if everybody would just wear what ever they fell bloody confident in, nonetheless if you „fit in“ or not? I think – no i’m pretty sure that would be fun. There are a good few people who dress in a way whatever floats their boat, but many are simply too anxious about what society might think and say.

 Which Is why I think it’s also extra important every wardrobe had at least one super pair of jeans you feel your arse looks amazing in and simple tops and jumpers in which you can layer and and simple or bright statements to. Also a good winter coat and boots which you can pair with absolutely anything are major wardrobe essentials. Or maybe you’re one for 100 pair of killer heels and bright colored dresses whatever floats you boat.

I have a various style. I’m a fan of vintage, sometimes rock and also of the good ol‘ basics. Especially when wearing something pretty suttle, I love adding some bits and bobs to make it look like Laura May.
Let’s take this outfit as an example. Many people ask if I’m crazy in the Summer, but I looove wearing chelsea boots to either skirts/ dresses or shorts. Additionally I also like adding a lot of jewellery such as big rings and many necklaces. Plus, a hat like that is never a is a mistake in my eyes 😉 You’ve probably noticed my love for plain a simple yet classy statement in which I can layer and add together in creating something more. I love my simple colors, of course the good old black in which you can match with absolutely anything and it make you look great, it’s the ultimate safe color in my eyes. I’ve also been including white a lot and I love the fresh clash it has along with grey. I feel like if you begin and outfit with either of these three colors you can add anything to it and create it as you wish.

As this outfit is a couple of years old already, I found some similar items on the Esprit website

Dress – here

Chelseaboots – here

Accessoriess – here

Sunglasses – here


What I’m trying to say? Be you! Don’t force youself into some trend or style, when you don’t feel confident. On the contrary – do what makes you feel well and dont focus too much on society. You never know – perhaps not following the crowd will make you to the next style icon 😉 And plus, as I already mentioned – it would be so broing on this mad planet of ours, if we’d all walk around looking the same. Style is in my eyes a synonym to individualtidy. It’s like presenting who you are trough the development of your feelings, thoughts, interest, the past as well as the future.


‘Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.’
– Gianni Versace


Be you, that’s the best you can be.

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