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Aloha my dear reader!

As I was invited from Lichtpoesie for a test foto-shoot in order to become one of their models, my friend and I decided to go for it and spend some time in Germany. So let me take you with us 🙂

4 a.m. in the morning and our alarm got us out of bed. We took the earliest train from Linz to Vienna and the following 1,5 hour flight to Düsseldorf was quite pleasant, so no reason to complain.

11 a.m. and we arrived already. The bus to Münster, which was our first destination, didn’t go until 5.15 in the evening, so we spent the day in town until it was time to go.

Shortly after our arrival in town we were dead hungry. We had no idea where to go or where we actually were, so basically the main thing we did was walk. Walk, walk, walk and walk. (yop, we are too greedy to spend ridiculous money on a cab, when we have two walking legs, haha) Anyway, when we finallyyy found an acceptable restaurant it didn’t take us long and we were enjoying a delicious portion of pasta (I had it with curry sauce and salmon – great combo!) and a little dessert afterwards 😋

If you ever get a chance to have lunch in the „Altstadt“ of Düsseldorf, I assure you, you wont regret giving Vecchio a try. They cook delicious food, have a modern interior design and are such friendly staff!

After leaving the restaurant all happy and satisfied (oh and really stuffed 😂) we eventually found one of the  main streets in town, aka. the shopping street. As we all know me too well, I just had to pop into Zara and get myself a little something. I also finally got to walk into the store Gina Tricot and not just scroll down the online shop :))

Time flew by very slow and after walking and walking aggaaain I met @strugglingdiary at the trainstation. She isnt just a lovely girl online, she is also such a sweet pea in real life. I couldn’t not say hello and give her a hug 😍

17.15 and the bus was not there 😭 I almost forgot to mention, that the weather wasn’t the very best either, or shall I say, I was freaking freezing all day long. So to top all of that the bus decided to delay big time and when we finally got on the bus, we realized that it wasn’t any warmer on there either..

I gotta tell you, it was a very tough, adventurous and also fun day. We were absolutely exhausted when we got into the hotel.

Stay tuned until the next post and I’ll tell you all about our suite in the amazing factory hotel!

xxx Laura

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