Getting Shit Done – Easter Break Morning Routine


You might have guessed with this greet, that I am currently studying a lot of spanish, which I am certainly not enjoying. Furthermore I am also working on my maths knowledge and accountancy skills, which is also the reason why I havent been posting at all the past months.

However, I am back and there are many posts awaiting you – pinky promise 😉

In order to survive this tough time aka a-level stress, we all kow what I need – coffee – my one true love it is indeed. Thanks to the Coffee Pimps I have a special coffee which is even called „Get shit done“ so I basically neeeded this coffee!

Altough I’m on my easter school break I still have a pretty full schedule, so there is not much sleeping in for me those days. This is why I tought I might as well tell you about my current morning routine while introducing you to my current coffee addiction (unfortunately I’m almost out of „getting shit done“ already.. oups. But no, I don’t drink too much coffee – no worries 😉 )


I usually try to get up at around 8ish and yes, it is very difficuld for me to leave my beloved bed, as I love sleeping. After forcing myself to get up, I start drinking a huge glass of green tea with half a lemon (thanks to Susanna, who made me drink it all up, before doing anything else the last time she visited me and now I always do it.haha) to wake me up and hydrate after not drinking for so many hours.

Can you guess what’s next? Yeeeeeeeep you got it. Coffee it is! I usually drink a couple of cups in the morning. The first one will be accompanied with usually some porridge or granola with yogurt and fruit. The next cups will be enjoyed while working on my computer.


I have to admit – I’m not really good with starting school work first thing in the morning. Now I’ve been starting off with watching one (or two) tv-shows (I’m team Grey’s Anatomy to be precise here, although Shonda Rhimes has managed to break my heart multiple times within all those seasons), while I edit pictures and slowly but surely start working on my blog again.

As soon as I am some what awaker, I get myself ready by hopping into the shower and getting dressed. I don’t know about you, but even if I spend all day at home, I have to get myself ready in order to make myself clear that this is not a lazy couch day. So yeah, as soon as i am dressed up and my make up is on, I start working on my school stuff, while drinking more coffee 😉

I know, not a very spectacular morning routine, but I swear – without coffee I wouldn’t be able to get any shit done at all! :p

Plus here is a 30% off discount code for you: COFFEEPIMPS

In friendly collaboration with coffe pimps
thanks to Susanna for taking the photos of me
and additionally keeping it real with chipped nails

¡Adiós Amigos!

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