Greetings October #Monthlyreview

Happy Sunday you all!

I didn’t even realize that it was the end of the month already and puff it was time to celebrate my brothers birthday yesterday, as he was born on the 1st of October.

So lets review the past 4 weeks and see what happened and what made time fly by so fast, shall we 🙂

My brother. I have him 12 years in my life now and you have no idea how grateful I am for this little guy. He is so loving and fun and oh he is such a little genius it sometimes freaks me out sometimes, haha. I am so proud to call him my brother and I love him very very much.

Happy Birthday, Robert 🙂


At the beginning of the month
I had the chance to see my dearest Susanna a few more times. We went shopping in the Plus City Linz, as there was the opening of the new extension. So many new shops and the best thing is, they are really cool shops – from Zara home to Bik Bok they have it all now. Last but not least they also have more sushi places, which, we all know is my one true love… Sushi. Another morning we went out for breakfast at Cubus in Linz and we also took some pictures … so the usual :p

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Generally I spent lots of time with friends
in that month. I went horse riding with one of my oldest friends, Felicitas. I visited Mara for an afternoon one day and the other Mara took some time for some photo shootings and coffee dates with me, just like I went out for drinks and food with my old mate Ajsa Selimovic. I haven’t seen her in almost 2 years too, so we had lots to talk and lots to catch up on. We’re also planning on me coming over to visit her in Germany – really looking forward to that 🙂


I also spent some time with my mom
and we went to IKEA to get a new room for me. As you know I haven’t lived at home in 1,5 years so a fresh room was almost necessary for a fresh start 🙂


September is also the month of Birthdays
. Seriously ya’ll made me broke I tell you that 😀
Celebrating birthdays with family brunches was just great – you must know that my family is incredibly weird… seriously.. super weird. But I guess that lead us to having a great laugh. I also went shopping with my brother one day, which was absolutely hilarious too. All in all spending time with my family was one of the best things this month 🙂


I started running again
and I also found my love to weight lifting, thanks to my new classmate and speaking of classmate – SCHOOL STARTED!
I have to say I really enjoy going to school now! I know I mentioned it already, but it’s just so true. School is a ball and still I enjoy learning stuff again, let’s hope it stays that way!


The best thing comes at last … I GOT MY OWN CAR!!!!

It’s super ugly and old and all that BUT it drives and I’m so glad that I can ditch those stupid school buses now!
Holy Moly this little black vehicle named Shelly made my month :))


What made your month?  I hope it was as good as mine or maybe even better! 😉

xxx Laura May

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