Here is an S for September – #Monthlyreview

S for September or S for school? oh my, 11 more days and it’s time to sit in a class room, work on my accountancy skills and write essays like a maniac. It is my last year you know and I’m (as weird as it sounds) super excited for it.

Anyway, lets look back to the beginning on August and see what as happened the past few weeks ­čÖé

Remember that time, where London was called my new home town? Well just before leaving the United kingdom my friend Mara was there with her Mom and Sister too so we obviously had to meet up and spend the afternoon together.

Anyway, before coming back to Austria I went over to Ireland for another 10 days to see my family.
From spending the day with the whole family to going out shopping with my friend I did it all. But what I did the most was relax and do nothing, which I found very amusing too.


Back in Austrian means back in reality. Since I’ve been back my to-do list is never-ending yet I managed to spend time with friends and family (aaaaand most importantly the sun :p)

As you probably know by now, Susanna is a very close friend of mine so we spent a ton of time together too.
Either spending a fortune in Ikea or trying (me failing, she succeeding) to get a tan in the sun. We enjoy every minute together ­čÖé

The thing we didn’t really enjoy was bringing her last load of stuff to Vienna, as she moved there (thanks to my help ­čśŤ )
Lets just start like this – that Sunday was a bit of a disaster. Starting from selling at the flea market (I had to be there at 3 am) and getting a flat tire there. To trying to find a new car for 2,5 hours straight, in order to bring Susanna to Vienna. Luckily my moms friend was able to lend us her second car. On my way to picking up that car she called me to tell me that the batteries are all gone, which meant that we had to wait another hour before the it was recharged so we could hit the road.
The car (who i called Sherlock on my way home from boredom) decided in the middle of the high way to let some light blink up (I have no idea what it’s called in English and right now I’m too lazy no translate as I don’t even know the right word in German) a few times so we stopped at a gas station where there was a really friendly guy working, who helped us out and called the O├äMTC for us. The car got checked through and eventually we found out that everything is okay with Sherlock, yet we had to drive pretty slow to Vienna, as it was too hot for the good ol Sherlock.

Enough blabbing we made it to vienna and I fell asleep immediately after arriving from exhaustion as I was up since 1 am and you know.. I’m a girl and I need my beauty sleep.


In the end that was a hell of a busy month and I enjoyed it all.

Hope you did too,

xxx Laura May

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