hold on tight(s) – the spring is coming

Perfect for the Spring

During transition time from the cold winter to the hot summer days I can never decide whether to wear a skirt or just stay with the long skinny jeans and long Adidas socks.

Well as I’m that type of person, who loves spicing up the outfit with (in this case) tights or any other accessories I couldn’t not say no to Oroblu asking if they could sent me some of their stuff and let me tell you, I was more than pleased with the package I got.

First of all, who hasn’t followed the flow yet and got a pair of fishnet tights/socks? Well I certainly had to get one, no two pairs and I could still wear them to every outfit although I’ve been noticing that hype is slowly fading. Anyway, I love them and that’s it ;D

Secondly I also got a pair of polka dot tights and I have no other words than „I love them“. Basic shirt, jeansskirt and those tights with Chelsea boots and you’re good to go! I remeber a few years ago I used to love wearing them but then tought they were a little too much. Well, I’m glad to have them back in my closet now 😉

Last but not least, oh pardon me it wasn’t the last product I got, but I certainly wanted to show you that one pair more detailed. Ever had the struggle with peeptoe shoes and having to wear tights, which will mess up your toes peeping out? Problem solved – perfect tights for those kind of shoes!

Not to mention the cream-coloured fishnet socks and my regular black pair of tights those things simply make the transition even better when it comes to styling up my outfits – what do you think and what kind of tights are your favourite ones?

In friendly collaboration with Oroblu
thanks to Viola for taking the pictures 🙂

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