How to start running

Hello my dear readers. how are you?

As you probably noticed already, I’m all into running again and I thought I may as well show you how I started and what helped me to get back on track!
Also if you are interested in my full work-out routine click here. Last but not least – enjoy the post 🙂

Start small!

A couple of weeks ago, I started off with a 15 min run. During that run I let myself have a break once and I only allowed myself that break, because I did some exercises during that time. So firstly, start with a mini run and do squats and lunges as your little exercise in-between. Just try not to do nothing, so your heart rate will stay up most of the time.
After 3x of 15 minutes running I went on to a 20-minute mickey mouse track. I still let myself take a exercise break whenever I felt that I really needed it, after all, I was only just starting. Time went by and I managed my first 45-minute run two days ago, with only one break. Not because I felt I was going out of breath, but because I like exercising and stretching in-between. It feels good giving your body a little rest to refuel and then run along with a lot more energy. Another thing, which has drastically improved every time I went on a run, was my speed. I started of as a (very) slow runner and by now I’m able to run about 9,8 km/h on a stable basis. All in all it’s important to increase step by step and not start with 110%.



Get a companion

I always go running with my dog. He is such a good companion (although sometimes he is a little slow… and as I already mentioned that I am super slow too) and a real laugh. If you don’t have a dog that would go for a run with you, ask a friend or a family member. I used to also run with my mom before she had her knee operation and also a friend from the living community used to go running with me. Believe me, it’s a lot more fun when you have a work out buddy. Plus, you can motivate each other if you ever don’t feel like getting your ass of the sofa 😉

Give yourself a break

Not only is it important to listen to your needs while you go running, but also remember to give yourself those well-deserved rest days. It’s necessary to let your body recover from a hard work out. You should also never go running/ keep working out if you hurt yourself. 1,5 years ago I ran 1/4th of a marathon and my knees where killing me the next day. Did I stop? No. That lead to having troubles with my knees ever since and you might have guessed it – I’m only starting now to work on my running again as I wasn’t allowed to run for a few months and then I was simply not bothered to risk anything like that again.
I’m not saying to completely stop as soon as you feel something coming, but get it checked as soon as possible before you carry on your sports. Your body will thank you for that, believe me 🙂



Enjoy it

The key of going running on a regular basis is the fun you have while doing it. If you do it, just because you want to get fit, or loose weight and not because you enjoy it, then don’t even bother. Seriously, if you don’t like it, then you won’t get anything out of it. Yes, maybe you’ll manage to loose a few pounds with lots of discipline and hard work. But don’t you want to have fun while doing it? Try finding something else, which will do the same to your body but will also make your mind happier. Join a club. Go to dance class. What ever – just make sure you do it, because you like it 🙂




Thanks to Mara for taking those brilliant pictures!

xxx Laura May

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