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Step by step I get closer to finding my Neverland. My last step was? I moved to England – London to be precise 🙂
This may be a good opportunity to introduce you to my username. So, what’s the story behind „findingnevrland“?
Very Simple. Ever since I can remember I feel connected to Peter Pan. There were times where I felt as energetic just like him and there were also times where I refused to grow up, just like Peter did (or still does?). My life is my journey to Neverland with all its ups and downs. I’m young, naive and clueless of what is still to come. Nevertheless I’m searching full of curiosity quite like Peter Pan. I’m still finding my place in this mad world hence it’s findingnevrland (and not inmyneverland or whatever could also suit :p )


Now lets start with the real topic of this post!
I’ve been getting a lot of messages on Snapchat etc, asking what is going on. What exactly am I doing in London, how do I manage to travel this much and how come I am suddenly back in Austria for the week and so on…


People who know me, know that travelling is my passion. There is nothing, which I love more than getting to see the world. Finding out about different cultures and meeting new people is what makes me happy.


I’ve been going through a lot of crap the past few years and I just thought it was time for a proper change.
As I quit school last year in N0vember I decided to get back to doing my A-Levels, but I refused to go back to my old school. Now don’t get me wrong, the school I went to was amazing! The teachers were so supportive and the environment made you feel like this is one big family all pulling on one string together.
However, I wanted a fresh start, a new life and a different country – which now leads us to England.

After doing a lot of research and thinking about this decision very well, I applied for a job as an Au Pair for just one child (although one on its own can be very demanding too :p) so I have enough time to work on my A-Levels online. You read right, I’m doing my studies at home with out having to attend any school. My tutors will guide me per e-mail and video chat (as far as I know) and I don’t have to go to Oxford College until taking the exams. This is going to be a tough challenge, but I know that I am well able and very motivated for it. So yeah.. challenge accepted 🙂


Now let me explain all the travelling, shall I? 😉
Thank goodness, my studies wont start until September, which means I have no A-Level stress (yet). Also the kid I take care of in London is on her Holidays which means that she is out and about with her family too. Now I hope you can count 2 and 2 together – every time she is on her vacation, I am also allowed to travel and as my Dad and my whole father side family lives in Ireland I obviously must got and see them as often as I can. My heart beats for Ireland and especially when I’m in England now, I’m going to be with the Irish family even more 🙂


Before I end this everlasting blog post, I’ll just answer the most asked question. Why am I back in Austria right now, as I’ve only been in London for about two weeks now?
Sadly, I had to come to Austria for a funeral. My family had a tragic time and last Friday my Grandfather passed away.
I’d very much appreciate if this was answer enough and I’d be very thankful, if there could please be no more questions 🙂

If you read all of this, you’re awesome and deserve a medal!

Have a lovely Saturday my dear and take good care of your self,

xxx Laura May


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