Notting Hill Opens It’s Beautiful Doors

Hello and how do you do my dear reader ­čÖé

As you probably noticed already due to my neverending Instagram posts, my lovely Susanna came over to London to visit me for a few days. It was clear from the very beginning on, that we will have a stroll through the wonderful Notting Hill to see the bright and colourful area (and take cute pictues, just like bloggers always do :p).
Anyway, there will definitely be a blogpost coming up with all the things we did and saw the past few days in detail, but let’s just focus on my outfit on this one, shall we? ­čśë


Lately I’ve been trying really hard to get a few of my old clothing items back out, as I’ve been struggling the past moths (or almost year) to wear clothes which I might already have worn a couple of times before. I don’t know why, but I always feared that if I don’t wear the newest items on sale, my followers and also the people around me might get bored of me. I thought I’d be uncreative and not worth being called „fashionblogger“ if I dont always buy new (and expensive) outfits.
But you know what? Screw (sorry for the language) that thought! I’ve come to the realisation, that it’s not neccesary to always buy new things as soon as there is a new clothing line coming out. Sure every now and then a new top or a new pair of shoes doesn’t harm, but don’t do it because you feel like you have to. People like me for who I am and not for what I wear. Of course, people in Instagram might follow me as an inspiration, but that doesn’t mean I can’t inspire them with an older item I wear. Social Media can be fun, exciting and also inspiring. At the same time it can be a bitch (sorry again for the language), which ruins your self esteem and puts you under pressure to always be on top of the newest trend.


It doesnt matter if your jeans are from 2008 (ok, this might be unrealistc if you’re in my age, but you get the message) or if you just bought them a week ago. If you’re like me and it’s important to you what you wear, then keep in mind that you can always style your old stuff into a new outfit.
This outfit for example – I always loved wearing this cute dress from UO, but didn’t wear it at all last year, as I felt it wasn’t „new enough“. Stupid, right?
So now I decided to wear it, take pictures with it and put it up on my blog. Does is harm me? Does it hurt me in any other way? Naaaaaah, on the contrurary – it brings up old memories like, when I wore it for the fist time in New York or when the school photographer came to and I decieded to wear it for our class picturehe… etc.

I guess it’s an oldie but goldie ­čśë





I’m also aware that this outfit doesn’t have the most summery colours, haha. The British weather didn’t really make me feel like it was summer, so I decided to wear what I felt like and I felt like it was Autumn, so there you go. ­čśŤ



The most important thing is, that you always wear what you feel happy and comfortable in. No matter what size, colour or shape it has!


Do and wear what makes you you, that’s all that counts ­čÖé

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