Hello there, you beautifully wonderful specimen!

I’ve been a lot more inactive lately. Not only on my Blog, but also on Instagram. I simply don’t have the desire to post a picture multiple times a day and you know what? That’s perfectly fine for me. Nonetheles, I have the need to bring this topic up, as I feel that many of you, might not realize what my intention is.

I’ve always had a hard time to live in the moment, not to dwell in the past and let the future come along as it does. I’m a terrible organisation or maybe also a control freak, who wants to know everything what is to come.

A way to shut this off and escape from that fear of losing control I desperately hold on tight to the online world. To a world, which in some way or another doesn’t even exist. Let’s be honest, Instagram etc. is this dreamland where everybody just posts the good things, the things which everybody wants and the things which seem to be the opposite of easy to get. Although I’m also searching for my Neverland, I’m looking for that in my real world, nonetheless I find fun and amusement in the Instacommunity.

Most of our grandparents have absolutely no connection to the world wide web nor hardly do any of them know how to use a computer.. well they come from a different decade. But they still live in their decade.
The online world can open so many doors and opportunities, which many people don’t even realize simply because they rather stay true to their old habits and don’t feel the need to update themselves. They miss out on a lot.

A virtual world, where everybody can follow everybody, so we all know what we do and think and what we feel. Exchange. Communication. What ever our world is currently based on. We know every hype and that’s apparently all we need.



I’ve also made very good friends thanks to this App and I certainly don’t take it for granted. But as I like to say – balance is the key. I used to be online literllay all day every day, but this is changing. It may be changing because I’m also getting older, yet I think it’s mainly changing because I realize that this is not the purpose of life.

In fact, life isn’t just about being online. Hey! There is more than typing about your life. Don’t get me wrong, I find such enjoyment in taking pictures and reviling them online and I’m not saying that this will stop. But, I’m going to stop feeling bad as soon as I don’t post a picture every day and update you on my blog regularly. I love blogging and I appreciate every single follower. I will carry on writing for you as well as for me, because I love typing my feelings and thoughts out, but I won’t apologise for having inactive periods anymore.  You know what I do, instead of updating you? I’m on adventures, I’m living and I’m surrounded with people instead of Social Media. It means that I’m being so much more active in real life. And I guess that’s good, right? 🙂


Especially on my trip to Mallorca, where we hardly had any internet I realized how much we depend on Wifi and Whatsapp. And honestly, although I found it pretty challenging – at the end of the trip I thought it was fantastic to have a bit of an Internet vacation too!


And in the meantime digital revolution is happening.
Around and also inside us there is so much happening, yet we don’t seem to understand any of it, which makes it even more difficult to keep our brains sane. I can imagine that most of us use the internet to escape from reality. We are surrounded by pressure and expectations and we like to hide from it every now and then.


See what I did the past months instead of publishing several posts on 🙂


Also, this is my very first Video edited on Premiere Pro, so please be nice and don’t judge my terrible video+editing skills, haha


talk soon,

Laura May


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