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Black and white are timeless and classy colours, we all know that. But having black bulldogs on a white blousy shirt tops everything!


When wandering through the streets of London city centre, it sometimes (and I speak from experience) feels like you are quite underdressed, depending on which area you are in. I mean it is true, that in big cities like London, you can wear what ever you want to with out people looking all weird at you, but if you walk into a very posh street you may want to avoid wearing dirty converse with a I <3 London jumper. 😀


IMG_0040 Kopie

  1. IMG_0038 Kopie

This is one of my go-to outfits for the city, as it’s comfy, classy and you feel neither over nor do you feel underdressed.

Shirt – Oh de Lally

Trousers – Mango (similar here)

Shoes – ZARA (similar here)


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I hope you like this post and I wish you a relaxing Sunday evening 🙂

xxx Laura May

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