Reality Rejected

The insta – illusion fools us all. We all know it, yet we end up judging the book by it’s cover every time again.

Instagram is not reality

I think we tend to forget, that the front of the camera does not equal the back of it. As a true slob I promise you, that every time you see an interior picture of my room there is a huge pile of clothes right behind me and stationary all over the place, which I just put aside to make everybody beliebve that I live a perfect life in a flawless flat. Nope, nothing perfect at all. And if you happen to be one of the very few people who have a clean home without any effort – I envy you!

Speaking of flawless. I get messages, for example asking if I could send a picture of my hair from the front, sides and also the back so you can show it to your hairdresser in order to get the same cut. But why? Because I chose to post one of 100 pictures in which my hair seems to fall exactly the way I like it? You’ll change your mind after seeing me wake up the next morning straight away, pinky promise 😉
What I’m trying to say is, that a picture has no meaning in comparison to our real life. My hair may look perfectly shiny in one flattering picture. That doesn’t mean it really is. It only means that the lightning may have been quite convenient and I will add a handful of filters just after deciding on one of literally over 100 pictures, which all look the same to others but not to me. See, nowadays we can fool each other all day long. Let’s challenge us with the truth.

Which I’m starting to find very important to mention, is the perspective of life we „bloggers“ give you. No matter how hard i laugh on a picture and how beautiful the weather may be, that doesn’t mean that the sun was shining inside me too. Having, especially younger girls, look up to you can make expressing true feelings a bit difficult. I’ts simple, we’re basically role models so we have to be happy and positive.

This also gives a wrong impression and there are many people telling me what a good life I must have. „Never home, always on adventures and a smile on every picture of you. Well I’d love to have your life“ But that’s not always true. I’m not always out and about and my life is not always rainbows and unicorns. I also have tired, angry and also sad days and I don’t feel like posting at those times. Just like now I’m posting pictures of my trip to the Stanglwirt. Let me tell you a shocking story: I’m currently sitting in my messy room, sipping on my tee and watching Gilmore Girls on my iPad while typing along at 2 a.m. and not in a ***** Spa. This vacation happened 2 moths ago and so did many other holiday pictures of other Instagramers.


Here we come to one of your biggest enemies – comparison. Although I struggle not to, I catch myself longing for somebody else’s body, face, house – whatever – I see online. I know this is ridiculous but in those moments I reject reality and life in a bubble where I wish that I could be a few inches taller with Audrey Hepburns face and Zac Efron as my boyfriend. Life in the World Wide Web. I compare my life to one, which is clearly out of reach and let’s be honest – we all do it.

And you know what? That’s okay.. to a certain extent. Just remind yourself that we live in a world consumed of social media, photoshop and glory and be grateful for having a loving family just around the corner, a heart that beats and walking legs.


Be happy for what you have and don’t long for things which others have.

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