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Reasons why people call me weird | 20 facts about me - FINDINGNEVRLAND

Reasons why people call me weird | 20 facts about me

Welcome fellow reader!


A good while ago my friend tagged me on one of her Instagram pictures to tell you 20 facts about me. However, I decided to go with the flow and tell you 10 facts about me and add a touch of mooi by also mentioning another 10 which may seem to be a bit odd.

Enjoy having a little more of an insight of me!

  1. I have a slight obsession with fashion… Oopps.
  2. Chocolate is my weakness … so is Sushi..
  3. I’m such a stubborn person, that I always have to be right and I hate it, when somebody says otherwise (sorry, everybody has their downsides haha).
  4. I’m very (sometimes too) honest.
  5. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 5 years now, although I like to eat fish every now and then 😉
  6. I spent one school semester in Arizona, USA and it was the best time of my life. I’d go back any time!
  7. I miss being a carefree child
  8. I’m way too sensitive, I care too much and I take every single thing to heart. Sometimes it makes me get a bit paranoid.
  9. I love my own company, yet I don’t mind socializing every now and then. I believe they’re both beneficial.
  10. Coffee coffee coffee…. what else?

  1. I think everything is hilarious. You can make me laugh, even when your joke isn’t funny at all (good for your ego I assume😉 )
  2. I think old people are ridiculously cute (which makes it hard for me to take them serious)
  3. My goal in life is the ability to speak every existing English accent there is
  4. When I laugh really hard I have a vein sticking out my forehead
  5. I am an organization freak and I change my entire planning system at least 3x a year.. ore more. I have a general addiction to buying new planners all the time ..They just make me feel a lot clearer in my head and well I simply can’t help it, they’re all so cute and I simply need them all 😀
  6. When I’m drunk I tend to speak English rather than German like everyone else around me does. No, that’s not annoying at all and no, I’m also not being sarcastic at the moment :p
  7. I burp a ton… people say I’m a pig
  8. When I get hyper, it makes me soo tired afterwards, that I could fall asleep straight away – no matter where I am (this has happened before and my friend, who I was staying with, was not very amused)
  9. My nails are literally always chipped. If I do them in the morning I assure you, they are chipped already just after painting them. The struggle is truly real..
  10. I like calling my (close) friends when sitting on the toilet… Let’s be real – you do it too, right?


many thanks to Peter Scherb for thaling those pictures of my back in October. I love stumbling across our old picutes every now and then 🙂

I apologies for not being the world most exciting person, but here you go. A tiny bit about Laura May

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