Sneezing The Perfect Picture


I guess the next 3 pictures are some what presentable..

The rest is an absolute horror. Many people ask me, how I always manage to take such good pictures..well… I don’t haha.

Honestly 90% of the pictures taken while shooting, land straight forward into the trash. On this day I was quite ill. I couldn’t open my eyes properly, I felt very uncomfortable which you can see in my posture and I was sneezing almost every minute multiple times which also leads to being a Rudolf the red-nosed rain dear. Cool, right?
So have fun looking at those dreadful pictures of me ;D

All I did was laugh when I saw the pics on the big computer screen 😀
Anyway, to stay realistic I decided to show you those terrible pictures, as I’m sure every „blogger“ or whoever, has those days where they find their pictures horrible. Where they make funny faces as they where talking or the pose looks super weird and odd although they are trying to look super sexy in it (that’s just me in almost every situation haha).

I mean yes, every now and then I get lucky and find my pics some what acceptable, but that’s a rare thing as I already mentioned. and then again – it’s okay! we’re trying to be real here man and thats the realest it can be. (I mean just look at this pose – what am I trying to do here??? :DD)

I just think it’s important to let you know. I’ve been noticing many young girls looking up to this community and neither is that good for their self-esteem nor is it good to have such role models. we all say „the pictures in the magazines are not real“, but we all know how to use photo shop these days, so be aware that there are many unreal pictures on Social Media too. the ones who are real – respect! but also think of how many pictures were taken before chosing the best looking one for Instagram or Facebook.

all in all – don’t believe everything you see 😉

We all fail, but don’t show you. We’re all the same, so don’t fixate too much on us, do your own thing and stand up to who you are. Be you, that’s the uniquest and most beautiful you can ever be.

xxx Laura May

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