Summer Outfit In Grey

I must be honest with you on this one.. I’m terrible when it comes to summer outfits. Firstly, I hate wearing shorts as you just stick to every seat from all the sweat and heat and then again I’m just more of a spring and fall person as I find mixing up outfits for those seasons more fun. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE THE SUN AND THE HEAT, yet my taste of fashion doesn’t… unless I have a six-pack, perfectly tanned legs and a booty which would make every outfit look good #lifegoals

However, as it certainly is very hot here in my home town and it’s impossible to wear anything but short, here is my outfit accompanied with my dog Pauli 🙂

Black and grey made my day. haha a rhyme.. okay not funny, I know. Now back to serious!
The grey shirt from Brandy Melville and the shorts from Urban Outfitters are both a good few years old, so I’ll try to find something similar to those items.


shorts – Urban Outfitters (similar here)

top – Brandy Melville (similar here)

cap –  yankees

shoes – converse

watch – Daniel Wellington

lip stick – nyx lingerie

I really like the fabric of this shirt as it is very loose and also light, which is great for those hot days. Combined with black high-waist shorts, converse and a Yankees cap there is no where you can go wrong with that. It’s simple which I always like, yet it is trendy and modern thanks to the subtle colours.

Do you like this outfit? Let me know, maybe you have a better idea in how you create a summer outfit (for those wo don’t like summer outfits ;D).

Talk soon and enjoy the sun,

xxx Laura May

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