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Hey, my dear readers 🙂



It’s not hard to overlook – I decided to change my blog. Away from all this philosophic recovery chit chat and welcome my passion for traveling, fashion, fitness and last but not least – food 🙂

Recently I announced on Snapchat, that I’m planning to distance myself from all this recovery stuff. If I keep on holding on to that, I will never get out of this cycle. Nevertheless the online community, posting pictures and being in touch with all of you has helped me in so many ways… it has also become one of my passions.

So instead of deleting my accounts, I chose to create something new. Slowly, but surely my Instagram is becoming more of a livestyle account with all bits and pieces I love. On WordPress I decided to set up a new account and just let my old one be. I never know, there may be a time where I need to get my feelings off my chest and type my emotions out.. perhaps on – so it won’t be deleted either.



Anyway, I want to tell you, that I’m feeling very well. I feel content, relaxed and also mentally very strong. I’m happy 🙂
Unfortunately my right arm is in a cast (from my wrist almost up to my shoulder) due to a very bad tenosynovitis, so there is not much I can do the next 2 weeks other than spend my day drinking coffee, sleeping, reading, watching various episodes and you know… social media … oh, and eating chocolate!! 😉
The thing is, that this is making me go crazy ha-ha 😀 I’m that kind of a person, who loves getting things done, who loves working out and who loves to have a proper daily routine (I admit, I’m also a organization freak). So instead of waisting my time in bed with the Gilmore Girls, I’ll let my creativity out and work here for you !

Enough with all this rambling, I just wanted to update you and also say Hello on this new blog. I have many things planned, so I’d love to have you back here soon again.

xx Laura May


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    1. Wie süß von dir – danke, ich fühle mich geehrt! Ich bin leider nicht so der checker was betrifft, aber es ist in Arbeit! Sobald ich eine Lösung gefunden habe, gebe ich sie dir natürlich sofort bescheid 🙂
      In diesem Sinne schicke ich dir ganz liebe Grüße,
      Laura May

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