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Follow me a day through Cala Ratjada - FINDINGNEVRLAND

Follow me a day through Cala Ratjada

Buenos Dias!

I can’t believe we’ve come back from Mallorca more than a week ago already. Now I’m sitting here by my desk, dreaming about the beautiful sunsets and longing for the sea. This made me realize that it’s about time to finish off the editing and finally start writing a blog post about this unforgettable trip.

Together with one of my best friends Susanna we booked a spontaneous holiday to one of Spains Islands Mallorca via Urlaubspiraten.at and I loved every minute of it. I love spending time with Susanna as we don’t see each other that often, mainly because she lives in Vienna and I’m still stuck in Linz. Nonetheless we will always be incredibly close, no matter how many miles may be between us and it was such a lovely thing to be able to have a catch up and goof around. Not only did I enjoy having a blast with my friend literally 24/7, I also really loved getting to know the Spanish people and how open and polite they are. I’m actually really surprised, as I never thought that I would be so impressed by their life style.

The only downside was, that the main language is almost considered as German on Mallorca, which I found sad as I really liked listening to conversations in espanol. Anyway, I’ll be in Barcelona in August too, so let’s hope I can improve my language skills there 😉

Now have a look with me, how my typical day looked like and prepare for an immense amount of pictures :p

Rise and Shine

7 a.m. and we were ready to conker the day. In our hotel „Na Taconerra“ the staff was wonderful and so was the view from our balcony. The beautiful sea stunned us every time we looked at it again and we simply couldn’t believe, that all of this was real. The Hotel didn’t look very spectacular from the outside and the lobby, but as soon as we started walking towards our room we couldn’t believe that this was „just“ a 3 star hotel.


Sand between my toes

After enjoying breakfast we eventually took our bikes and started heading to our first destination – the beach. As we are both indeed great lovers of sunshine it was time to relax by the sea, read a good ol‘ book and get some tan.. or in my case some sunburn.

The sea – no the entire beach was jaw dropping. There were white sandy beaches with beautiful turquoise water and then there was this amazing rocky area where the water was wild and free all of it surrounded by a beautifully clear sky. I’m a general sea lover and I must say, I’m even more in love now!

Adventure time

After taking a break from the sun and having lunch it’s time to stroll through Cala Ratjada and I noticed that it’s such a various little town as some places look quite clean and modern and then there are ancient walls hidden in side alleys. I’m pretty sure Susanna was already a bit pissed as I always wanted to go to the centre of Cala Ratjada again.. and get some ice cream… every day 😀

From having an ice cream (Kinder Bueno to be precise and it tasted SO good) to relaxing in the shade of palm trees…

…then from very old steps which lead right into the sea to white houses with colourful doors.

Oh and all the different beaches we passed… have I mentioned that they are beautiful, yet?

I must admit, I’m slightly obsessed. Anywhere where there is sand and a calming sea to satisfy all my thoughts away pleases me greatly (I’ve always aspired to be a mermaid, secretly).

Simply all those different beautiful (I should think of a synonym of beautiful, right?) places to relax and simply live in the moment, i could show you 1000 more of those beautiful (oups again) places.

Whether it was a clean looking or a fucked up (my favourites hehe) wall, you can find everything and all of it looks stunning in their own way. So we also walked a lot, simply because the whole area and atmosphere was so pleasant.

there were also houses to find, which made us believe that we might also be in Greece (from all the blue details on the white walls)


Life is better at the beach

To make this lovely day end at least as good it started we went back to the beach and watched the sun set. The ability to escape reality and enjoy a week away from the daily tasks and aspects of life is so great when you spend that time with your toes in the sand accompanied by your best friend. Almost, as if looking right down at the sea beyond all the miles – the feeling of freedom.


Thanks for having us Mallorca

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