Was it really the most wonderful time of the year?

Post Christmas feels here I come

When it comes to Christmas you can compare me to the stereotypical American girls/moms/whoever gets into intense Christmas spirit. I absolutely adore Christmas, without a doubt. I find so much joy in this cosy, calm and loving time of the year and if you know me personally, I’m pretty sure this is nothing new to you. There’s nobody but me walking around with an ugly Christmas Sweater and a big fat smile on the face, is there?

This year was a bit different anyhow, which I find really upsetting. See, I’m such a Christmas freak, that I usually even find joy in the stressful pre Christmas season (no shame at all). Unfortunately I lost myself in the constant „Christmas stress“ this year too, that I didn’t even realize my unfinished decorated mini Christmas tree in my bedroom until after Christmas (now I do feel ashamed!).

So, what happened?

What made Christmastime fly by without me even noticing it really? Why didn’t I drive anybody nuts this year, thanks to constantly hearing Michael Bublé (but also to all I want for Christmas and many more „classics“ 😉 ) in the background, decorating everything far too early and bursting with complete excitement? Life happened!

One big thing, which has been suffocating me for weeks was school. But not only me – everybody was dead ready for Christmas holidays! This and also the past month has been so busy, that I got completely off track when it comes to my beloved blog and other social media accounts. I know, the online world is not the most important thing (there is actually a blog post in the making concerning this issue), but I’m looking at the big picture here. Due to school I had so little time, that I couldn’t even post a freaking picture. So if I couldn’t do that, how on earth could I have enjoyed pre Christmas time even a bit? :O This saddens me, as this season is supposed to be so magical.

Another reason, which I don’t think should be ignored, is the ticking clock.
Time has passed and we are older now. We have reached a stage of life, where we can’t only enjoy Christmas anymore. We have to prepare, shop and organize… grown up stuff to be exact.
What I miss a lot about Christmas is the different feeling of excitement and joy, when we were 8 years old. Santa, who is always going to be real – we all know that – was depending on us to prepare a glass of milk with a cookie for him and some carrots for his reindeers Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Olive and… Rudolph for when he comes at night.
I remember, not being able to sleep one night from all the excitement and nervousness, but I also knew that if I don’t sleep, Santa won’t come… but I just couldn’t sleep… but then Santa won’t…  Ohhh life has never been easy before, I know 😀

It’s Christmas morning – jumping out of bed early enough to call it the morning and darting down the stairs without any hesitation and glaring at the mess, which Santa Clause made. Besides him leaving so many gifts that you could barely see the floor, he also left crumbs everywhere, spilt the milk, which he didn’t drink all up and brought stardust (thats what my gradma called in anyway) down the chimney from his filthy sleigh. As funny as it sounds, before even giving all the attention to those beautifully packed presents, my Grandmother and I first gave out for what a mess he had left behind 😀
But that wasn’t even the best part – Christmas Day means Family is coming! My cousins and I loved spending Christmas together at my grandparents house with the whole fam. I’ve always been a family person. Always have I loved being around everyone and seeing everyone happy and full of joy and Christmas is that one time I get to experience it. It’s wonderful, don’t you think? 
This year, sadly not everybody was able to be come and well as I said.. we are getting older and time changes everything. Sometimes change is good, I know. But sometimes it also means letting go of something, which once meant a lot to you and keep it as a memory.

My question to you – what’s your favourite thing about Christmas? I’d love to know! 

Let’s make next year a better one and bake more Christmas cookies, okay?

xxx, Laura May

thanks to Peter Scherb for the pictures!

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