We’re all Earthlings – The Thing About Veganism

I’m not Vegan. Not 100% anyway.

Before I start with my own habits, I’d like to tell you a couple of facts. Now I’m not here to tell you what to think, do or eat. All you do with this information, is completely up to you. So here we go!

Factory Farming is the most outrages condition in which milk, meat and eggs are produced. Don’t let those happy looking cows on the milk carton fool you, they’re certainly not smiling from where they’re milk really comes.

  • Milk, the drink which works wonders „to make our bones get strong“ – how does a cow actually produce milk? well a cow only produces milk when being pregnant. Firstly, they won’t put a bull into the cow’s cage and wait for them to have their romantic fun. ARTIFICIAL FERTILIZATION straight up their ass man!
    Did you know, that cows are very intelligent animals? Anyway, just after giving birth the baby cow will be taken off them.. imagine an intelligent and emotional animal having its just born child taken away after being literally raped?
    The female baby cows will be kept for the same reason they keep their mommy. Male cows will usually get destroyed.


  • Another interesting fact about cow milk is, that we don’t need it. The only milk we really need is the milk our mother gives us when being a baby. Just like a cow gives her milk to her baby. Would you drink a dogs milk? or a cats milk? Or would you walk up to some woman who just gave birth and ask for her milk? Ewww gross. But the same thing is with cow milk. And if you’re now thinking – well what will I eat my cereal with? Oh darling, there is so many different kinds of milk such as any kind of nut milk, soy, hemp, coconut and so on and so on.
  • Honey. This is just a more appealing way to name it. There is no guy at the supermarket going to come over and say „hey, wanna buy some bee vomit?“
  • The next point is eggs. What on earth is an egg actually? Just a little hint. Just like the human female has it’s time of the month also the hen has hers. You guessed it. An egg is a hens period.. yummy
  • Hens lay eggs. Cocks don’t. Another reason to destroy the male chickens dreadfully.
  • Lions are meat eaters. You can see that in the way there teeth are, in the way they can open their jaw and in how short their intestine is. The intestine of a regular human can reach up to 6 meters. What am I trying to say with that?
    Look, the lion has such short intestine in order to digest the meat as quick as possible. Humans on the other side are made for eating plants. Our intestine make our food go a longer way through us, so we can get out all the nutrients and vitamins we need. If we eat meat, it’s rather letting the meat rot inside us, as our gastroresistant (magensĂ€ure) is not made for digesting meat.
  • A vegan diet needs way less recourses. Most of the grain and soy harvests are used in order to feed the animals in the mass husbandry. If all the resources used for fattening the animals in factory farms were used for us humans, there wouldn’t be any starving countries.
  • Veganism is good for our planet – how come? All the pollutions which are produced in the slaughterhouses are 40% more harmful to the global warming than every car, airplane, train etc together.
  • In order to produce 1 kg of meat you need approx. 15.000 Liters of water and for getting 1 liter of cow milk there will get 1 000 Liters of water wasted

Eating meat, drinking milk and having an egg for breakfast is tradition. That doesn’t mean it’s necessary. Can you think of any tradition, which we no longer have? Cultures and traditions are stories. They are make believes. That doesn’t mean we need it.

Starting from what kind of clothes I wear, to the beauty products/ cosmetics I use. I do try to buy things, which are known to be „Fair Trade“, but as a fashion lover it’s not that easy or cheap to be honest.
Yet, I do my best. I’ve always hated wearing real fur, now I’ve stopped even looking at leather. Funktionsschnitt, for example is an amazing vegan brand, from which I already got 3 items. There products are 100% cotton, easy to wash and have a very soft feeling.


I also tend to buy products from Alverde or Lavera. But then again I’m a lipstick enthusiast, I love buying products from Mac, Nyx and and and…


I see myself as about 85% Vegan when it comes to food. How come only 85 and not 100?

I LOVE COTTAGE CHEESE! Just kidding, this is not the main reason (although I do really love cottage cheese).
I’ve lived a lot of years in the cycle of restriction – I’m not restriction myself in any way, shape or form anymore. So if I think “ oh jolly, I’m feeling like a croissant this morning“ I will not say no to my cravings. Yet I have kind of lost my appetite considering those kinds of food. For example – if you know me, you know that I’m a chocolate freak! Well, since I’ve been eating more fruit and veg plus drinking lots of water i’ve lost my chocolate cravings. Sometimes I find it even too sweet (which would have never even crossed my mind a few months ago)
I’ve been a pescetarian for almost 5 years, I’m slowly starting to cut out the fish too. On very rare occasions I might have some salmon on my sushi, but that’s it. Avocado and cucumber sushi can make me happy too.

I’ve been noticing my body having so much more energy when eating vegan. I digest a lot better and I can’t remember being bloated even once when avoiding animal products.

One more reason, why I’m not fully vegan yet (and now don’t laugh at me)… my mom would kill me. She accepts, that I avoid animal products as much as possible, but a completely vegan diet is a no-no under her roof.. luckily I’m outta here in a year 😉

Nevertheless I find it very important not to do it because it’s a trend. That would be stupid. You should decide to go this path because you want to!
Look at this video beneath and you’ll know what I mean when I say that we are all just earthlings. Every being no matter if human, cat, cow or fish have 2 feelings which are exactly the same – the desire to live and not wanting to get hurt.

All printables I used were found on pinterest!

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