Winter Beauty Evening – Adventcalendar #22

Ohh it’s that time of the year again..

With Jack Frost knocking on the door we girls have a hard time keeping our skin hydrated. So to keep my skin nice and moist I like to spoil myself with a little beauty evening every now and then 🙂

But not only is this the time of the year where it’s cold outside – it’s also the time of the year where you count down the days till Christmas with an adventcalendar. And that’s what I’m doing with 23 other Bloggers. Every day one of us will publish a beauty post and there are also some little give aways included. If you want to see who else has posted something or is going to post, then go ahead and have a read 🙂

Usually the First thing I do, when I get inside from the cold, is run myself a bath to warm up and calm down from a busy day


Hair up and lights on

After getting into my pjays and brushing my teeth I slip in my warm socks, sit down at my beloved beauty table and get my hair out of my face

Sometimes there is still some make up left on my skin so before putting on a face mask I remove all the remaining dirt and cleanse my pores.

Moisture o’clock

10 minutes later, after I get back from washing the face mask off it’s time to moisturize my skin.

This facial spray smells soooo goood, believe me! It has an orangy sent and also refreshes – i honestly try to use it as little as possible, so I won’t use it all up haha.


I’m also a big fan of the face lotion from Olaz. I remember my Grandmother from Ireland using it when I was a child. One day I saw it in a store in Austria and ever since that day it’s been a part of my beauty products. Childhood memores and a good smelling face – what more can I ask for?


Last but not least..

If i have any extra time, energy or motivation left I obvioulsy can’t forget about painting my (horrible) nails. Tell me, what are your favourite nail polish colours? I always prefer either simple black, red or grey 🙂

As mentioned at the beginning, this is part of a Bloggerparade and there are still 2 more posts to come. Also you should have a look at the last blog posts, there are some really cool give aways included. You might be one of the lucky ones to win something – good luck and I hope you enjoyed my beauty routine 🙂

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